2016 refresh of the UCLU TechSoc logo + design

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The current TechSoc logo

During Summer 2016, one of my tasks as the UCLU TechSoc (now UCL TechSoc) marketing director was to improve the logo and overall society visual design. My final design updates were a result of me working with the rest of the society and getting valuable feedback from the team to create a cleaner logo and to make the visual design much more welcoming for students of all backgrounds, not just technology students.

All of this work wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Vicky Dineshchandra, who also worked tirelessly on a lot of the work too. Collaboration is :key:!

The Logo

Comparison of the old TechSoc logo and the new logo.

The updated logo removed the screwdriver motif, as some found this confusing and did not relate too much to the activities of the society. So it was replaced with tracks similar to those that run around the sides of the logo. The lines and shapes were also cleaned up and thickened, making the logo easier to view from a distance (and on smaller screens), as well as making it more clearly resemble a “power button” icon than before. The proportions of the circle were also tweaked slightly to make it more circular.


As well as updating the logo, we decided to tweak the overall brand a little bit too. We kept the base background colour (#121C44), and the same typeface that was previously used (Karla), since it worked really well with both the old and new logos and isn’t going out of date anytime soon. We did, however, add an accent colour to allow us to be way more creative than we could be with a single background colour.

The chosen colour, #D81E5B, is a bright fuchsia/ruby pink which complements the dark blue really well. The first thing we did was use it as a gradient for the logo and website background, and it instantly lightened up the design. We also agreed amongst the committee that adding a bright colour made our design much warmer and welcoming, supporting the aim of the society to provide outreach to people from non-tech backgrounds.


With freshers’ fair on the horizon, we also had a brilliant opportunity to apply this new design to our merch, handouts, and talk slides. Below is an image from the society’s Twitter account showing the merch, banners and leaflets we created (source):