Control your browser with your Alexa device.

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A photo of an Amazon Echo, behind a laptop displaying the Chromelexa plugin

Chromelexa is an Amazon Alexa skill and a Google Chrome extension which pair together to allow you to control your browser with voice commands. Saying simple things like, “open a new tab”, “scroll down”, and “load Facebook”, and Chromelexa will carry it out for you.

How we built it

The system uses four main parts: An Alexa skill, an AWS Lambda function that handles the skill, a webserver, and a Chrome extension.

The Alexa skill simply allows the user to dictate commands, and the Lambda function processes these. The function then sends the command to the webserver (in a HTTP POST request). This webserver runs a server, and when it receives a command from the Lambda function, it emits an event to the Chrome extension containing the command. The extension receives this event, processes the command, then runs it on the current browser tab.

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