A dead simple ticketing platform ready to host on your own system.

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Image showing the Openticket project

Openticket (previously Easyticket) is a self hosted events platform powered by Node.JS.


While working on the TechSoc committee, I noticed that the majority of student societies, meetups and events had to rely on one of a small selection of proprietary ticketing providers that do not offer a lot of flexibility. I started the Openticket project because I want to give student societies and other small organisations control over how tickets for their own events are managed. The main targets for the project are:

Progress So Far

So far, I’ve been busy working on the modelling side of things as well as setting up a server with Node.JS. I’ve been somewhat hindered by life and university work, so my aim right now is to set up a framework to help others contribute to the platform.

Honestly right now it doesn’t feel like I’ve gone about creating the project in the right way, so I’m going to try to seek advice from people who have had experience setting up an open source project and learn from them. If you have any tips or want to help, I’d love to hear from you! Either use my contact information at the bottom of this page, or create an issue in the meta repository.

Archived projects

My previous efforts on Openticket can be found on the following repositories: